In high school, I won the “Perseverance Award” in cross country. Later, I won the “Sisyphus Award” in one of my college art classes, honoring my ability to push the boulder up the mountain, even after it falls down every time. Now, please don’t take this as bragging, because at the time, all I could see in those awards was some sort of joke. On one hand, I could look at these awards as typical millennial awards, where I received recognition just for trying. On the other hand, I could look at them as a reflection of my core character, where I have consistently pushed myself or stayed hopeful, despite obstacles.

Perseverance is an act of courage, confidence in oneself that everything will have been worth it in the end. Getting out of bed every day in itself is an act of courage, as we face yet another day and try our best to make the most out of lives, hoping that we can push ourselves enough that we progress as human beings.

Every winter, we are faced with challenges: formidable weather, coming inside and having to face our own thoughts, maintaining exercise habits, Seasonal Affective Disorder, etc. Winter is all about perseverance: testing our limits and hoping to make it through fairly unscathed. I think that we can often become emotionally stronger due to winter-time hardships.

With it being the end of February, we can start to celebrate coming out on the other side of winter! Let loose! Rejoice with the few flowers that have popped up from the soil! Even if there is another snow to come, what harm does celebrating a little early cause? Maybe listen to some music that makes you feel lighter or excited. Eat some raw fruit and veggies. Take some pictures of flowers. It’s the beginning of a new cycle.

As usual, the playlist I listened to while writing (suggested by my friend Michelle):

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